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Top 9 Online BCA Colleges in India

Live online sessions and recorded videos are both used in the BCA Online Course. Throughout the three years of the online BCA program, students learn about cloud applications as well as computer technologies. The Best Online BCA Programs are offered by universities with accreditation from NAAC, UGC, and AICTE.


In order to prepare students for the workplace, BCA Online courses include guest lectures, workshops, assignments, practicals, webinars, and seminars. Over the course of the three years, students must finish one project. BCA Online courses typically have 120 credits. Information technology, programming methodology, database management systems, computer networks, and other topics are covered in the BCA online course.


Here is the list of Top Online BCA Colleges In India.

Why Choose Online BCA in India?

  • Your IT and programming skills will be improved by the fundamentals of computers and IT applications taught in the online BCA program.
  • It teaches the fundamentals of several significant programming languages, including Core and Advanced Java, C++, VB+, etc.
  • Saving a lot of time and money by earning a BCA online is an excellent choice.
  • Anyone wishing to change careers, earn a degree to better their career, or increase their compensation should take online BCA College courses.
  • You do not have to decide between abandoning your job and attending classes if you take online BCA courses while working.
  • You'll discover a more welcoming learning atmosphere with the online BCA programs.


List Of Online BCA Colleges In India


Here, we will talk about the list of online BCA colleges in India. You will learn about all the finest universities that offer an online BCA as a bachelor's degree through this blog. We will provide comprehensive details on the course, its location, and the university that is offering it. Let's begin the journey together right away:


1. IGNOU Online: The BCA Online program is one of 150 courses offered by IGNOU. IGNOU is the sole central university in India. The architecture, programming, and machine language skills of practitioners who have applied to the program are to be improved by the BCA curriculum from IGNOU. The three-year IGNOU BCA Online program is divided into 6 semesters.

There are two enrollment periods available for those interested in pursuing a degree. Beginning in January is the first admission cycle, while July is the start of the second admission cycle. The BCA curriculum is taught over the course of two semesters. a route at a high rate.

The career route that job recruiters appreciate most highly is online. IGNOU's online BCA fee has a total cost of Rs. 36,000, which can be paid per semester or all at once.


2. Mumbai University: The University of Mumbai's Institute of Distance and Online Learning is responsible for providing this graduate program. The institution has UGC and DEB accreditation and is a national university. The University of Mumbai entrance exam must be passed in order to be eligible for an Online-learning BCA program there. Given that there aren't many seats available in the BCA  Online program for this course, you must be aware of its reputation.


3. Chandigarh University: The top-ranked university in North India with an A+ rating is Chandigarh University. In a short period of time, Chandigarh University has achieved great success in the field of Online learning. It is the only private institution in North India with an A+ rating and NAAC approval. For the convenience of the applicants, Chandigarh University's learning management system has been created to be just a click away.

At Chandigarh University, there isn't an Online BCA lateral admission option. Chandigarh University offers a three-year, six-semester Online learning BCA program. At Chandigarh University, the cost of an Online-learning BCA is Rs. 26,900.


4. Bangalore University: Bangalore is a major corporate and educational center. One of the most popular and well-regarded courses offered online at Bangalore University is BCA. The university has UGC-DEB approval, and its BCA curriculum provides a deep understanding of subjects including programming, software, hardware, designing, etc.

In addition to the standard live sessions, students enrolled at Bangalore University have access to the learning management system, which includes an online library, videos, and books that may be used to better grasp the course material. Bangalore University Online BCA fee is Rs. 28,500.


5. Jaipur National University: One of the top private universities in Rajasthan, Jaipur National University was founded in 2007. When it comes to bachelor's degrees, the JNU Online BCA program is the most sought-after. In 2008, the institution received accreditation from NAAC and UGC-DEB. Jaipur National University's faculty and learning management system adheres to the highest standards of quality and infrastructure. The JNU Online BCA is accessible to all types of students due to its inexpensive tuition of Rs. 45,150 and excellent faculty.


6. JECRC University: The program's main goal is to create a pathway for enrollment in computing courses where students are exposed to a variety of commercial and computer-related applications. A student will be able to find entry-level employment in the fields of information technology, software development, web application development, mobile application development, or IT-enabled services after earning a Bachelor's Degree (BCA) at JECRC University. Additionally, there is the option to pursue an MCA at any university for additional education. After successfully completing a BCA, a student could be able to find an entry-level position in the field of information technology or ITeS. 

One of the renowned private colleges in Rajasthan is the Jaipur Engineering College and Research Center. One of the 93 courses available at the University of JECRC is the online BCA. The University offers a BCA gap to the Faculty that focuses on the industry and has been accredited by UGC-DEB. The university's learning management system, Infra, is state-of-the-art, and the JECRC University has a placement record because it has been the best for years. The cost of the university's BCA online program is Rs. 20,200.


7. Amity University: The Bachelor of Computer Application Online program at Amity University offers top-notch academic and technical instruction encompassing fundamental ideas in software development and computer application design. Due to the competitive and quick market changes, which primarily affect small and medium-sized businesses, the demand for skills and competencies is changing more quickly. 

This calls for the provision of flexible, work-integrated, continuous training, learning, and development opportunities through higher education institutions. A paradigm shift in the approaches to formal and informal training is absolutely necessary to develop skills in line with societal needs. With a flexible approach, traditional and formal educational delivery may not be able to meet this continuously changing demand. Giving people the right skills could therefore be a crucial intervention in raising labor productivity.


8. ICFAI University Online: Advanced Java programming covers a variety of topics, including e-commerce, computer graphics, wireless markup language and mobile computing, data warehousing and mining, compiler design, database applications, multimedia systems, intranet administration, network programming, theory of computations, management information systems, software testing, and quality management, as well as IT projects.

ICFAI University offers the most recent curriculum developed by UGC for its online BCA and BCA Lateral Entry programs. You can successfully complete the course since the BCA from ICFAI is designed for the modern, hectic IT workplace. One of the few online universities offering the BCA with Lateral Entry is this one. ICFAI charges 30,000 for BCA services.

Organization of the Online BCA: The BCA program, which lasts three years, has six semesters. Thirty courses cover soft skills. Students also have to complete an internship in the sixth semester, two summer projects at the end of Years I and II, and other requirements.


9. Sikkim Manipal University: Sikkim Manipal University Online BCA Program Provides you with Computational Knowledge: Apply your knowledge of computation, machine learning, and mathematics to difficulties in software development. In order to obtain meaningful results using mathematics and computer principles, problem analysis entails identifying, developing, reviewing, and analyzing computing procedures.

Solution development and design: Design and evaluate complicated computing problem solutions, along with their components and processes, to make sure they meet the requirements while taking the necessary safeguards for the public's health and safety.
Investigate complicated problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods, such as experiment design, data analysis and interpretation, and information synthesis, to reach trustworthy conclusions.


Online BCA Colleges Admission Procedure


Rolling admission is available to all applicants for the BCA online program during the entire academic year. Application dates might be established for each cohort separately. The applicant must review the entrance requirements and select the appropriate course. The prospectus has an application form that the applicant must complete. BCA Online Admission is a simple yet hassle-free Process. 

All columns on the application form must be completed.

  • When completing the online BCA Admission form, information such as name, email, mobile number, and other details must be collected.
  • Email and mobile should be used in different ways.
  • Any further communications must use the registered email address.
  • Education-related materials must be accurately scanned.
  • A photo must include the applicant's name and the date.
  • A recently taken color snapshot would be OK.
  • The white, blank paper must be signed over.
  • Set up online payment methods such as credit, debit, or net banking for fee payment.


Online BCA Eligibility Criteria


Merit-based admission to the Online BCA program in 2022 is combined with an entrance exam. A minimum of 50% in the 10+2 or an equivalent test with computer application or computer science as an extra or core subject is required for admission to all Top BCA Colleges. For the reserved category, there is a 5% exemption in the BCA Qualification requirements.


Why are Online BCA Colleges In India better?


A bachelor's degree in computer application, or BCA, can be earned online. It will require you to study a variety of computer skills, including database management, computer programming, networking, management, and designing.


If one chooses to pursue the degree, an online BCA creates a fantastic career. India has more than a thousand universities, in addition to several colleges. But when looking for a degree, we always search for the best Indian universities that offer online BCA programs. As a result, numerous prestigious universities offer bachelor's degrees.


With an online BCA degree, you'll have a lot of employment options in prestigious professions like a manager, programmer, computer language expert, system administrator, system designer, etc. This course offers both academic and practical knowledge, as well as lectures from professionals in the field, seminars, and a variety of workshops to help you get a general understanding of the material.


Online BCA Career Opportunities


Students can choose from a wide range of occupations with solid careers within two to five years of employment after completing a BCA study. The IT research industry in India is growing swiftly, and by 2025, there will be a double-digit increase in the need for qualified workers.


In India, a BCA salary could reach INR 5 LPA, depending on the career that follows. However, the pay ranges might change depending on the cities, industries, and level of talent that individual has. For instance, the typical BCA pay in Bangalore and Kolkata will differ by a specific percentage.


There will be an equal wage gap between a new hire and an employee with five years of experience.



Thanks to the development of new technologies, learning opportunities have never been better. Regardless of age or past experience, online learning has successfully opened the door to higher education and is likely to make it simpler for people around the world to realize their aspirations. For an Online BCA Program, we have looked at the similarities and differences between online and conventional classroom settings. Even if offline sessions have some substantial advantages as well, many students find that online lessons are more convenient. The potential of earning degrees online has given many students new opportunities for professional advancement.


Ques. What classes are necessary for Online BCA admission in Class 12?
Any student, regardless of background (science, commerce, arts), may choose to enroll in a BCA course. You don't require a science background to pursue BCA, in contrast to BTech and BSc Computer Science.

Ques. What exactly are BCAs, and what does their purview entail?
BCA is a three-year undergraduate program created to teach the essential components of computer applications, such as networks, hardware, and software. The demand for skilled and seasoned IT experts is currently extremely high, giving the course a broad application in India.

Ques. What are the subjects for BCA courses?
DBMS, networking, web scripting, and key programming languages like Python, C++, and JAVA are all included in the BCA curriculum. These classes focus more on topics like computer languages and applications.

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