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Top 9 Online MA Colleges in India

Top 9 Online MA Colleges in India

Many universities in India offer online MA programs. From the list below, choose one of the Top 9 online Master of Arts (M.A.) programs offered in India.


Online master of arts (M.A.) courses are popular among individuals who are working or who want to further their education and skill set but are unable to attend a traditional institution. It does not, however, imply that students who are not currently employed cannot enroll in an online course. Many women who stay home with children can choose to enroll in an online Master of Arts (M.A.) course if they later want to enter jobs.


The Top M.A. Online Education Universities in India provided next to may be of great help to such candidates. Candidates have the opportunity to enhance their credentials and increase their employment options thanks to the low cost of online learning. 


There is no maximum age for online education. In online learning, electronic channels like the phone, video conferencing, email, websites, chat sessions, teleconferencing, etc. are the main means for communication between the institution, learners, and educators.


Top 9 Online MA Colleges in India

Numerous renowned and well-known universities offer MA degrees online and through online learning. The following is a list of online MA colleges in India:


1. IGNOU( Indra Gandhi national open university)-  IGNOU University, which offers a wide variety of courses to students, is one of the biggest institutions in the world. The first national open university was founded in 1985 and is called the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). IGNOU University is managed by the Indian national government. One of the most reasonably priced degrees offered by IGNOU is the online MA. The cost of IGNOU's online MA program is Rs. 10800.


2. LPU( Lovely professional university)- One of the well-known private universities, Lovely Professional University offers both fresh and modern courses in both traditional and distant learning formats. The institution was established in the year 2005, and it quickly rose to prominence among online universities. LPU provides online master's degrees in subjects including history and English.


3. Chandigarh university- In a short amount of time, Chandigarh University - Chandigarh online University has established itself as one of the prestigious universities. In the field of online learning, CU has established a solid reputation. This institution of higher learning was founded in 2012. Chandigarh University has received approval from UGC-DEB and NAAC accreditation with an A+ grade. The university offers its pupils a high-quality education. Chandigarh University's online MA program has a two-year, Rs. 25000 cost schedule.


4. Karnataka University- Karnataka State Open University is one of the top institutions for students seeking online learning, according to many experts. Students receive effective instruction from the university. One of the top programs offered by this university is the online learning MA. The University Grant Commission's online Education Bureau has given the university its blessing. So, in the very competitive employment market, any degree from this university is very useful. At Karnataka State Open University, the cost of the distance-learning MA program is Rs. 10600.


5. DR. B.R Ambedkar open university- One of the first universities in the field of online education, Andhra Pradesh Open University was the previous name for DR. B.R. Ambedkar Open University. Under an Act of the AP State Legislature, the university was founded in 1982. The Andhra Pradesh Open University was renamed DR. B.R. Ambedkar Open University by the state government in 1991. The majority of the courses offered at this university are in Telugu, but you can also pursue an MA in Hindi or English, which are offered in the respective languages.


6. School of open learning, Delhi university- One of the most renowned names in Indian remote education is the School of Open Learning at Delhi University (DUSOL), established in 1962 as a constituent college of the university. The University of Delhi is associated with the School of Open Learning. The University Grants Board has given SOL DU permission to operate as a part of the University of Delhi (UGC). The cost of the 2-year MA online learning program is Rs. 11600.


7. Jaipur national university- In 2007, Jaipur National University was just founded. For offering students online education courses, Jaipur National University consistently ranks among the best online MA universities in the world. To ensure that every student has access to the greatest education possible, the university offers a variety of courses both in traditional classroom settings and through remote learning. JNU has received both AICTE and NAAC approval, as well as a graduation certificate. The university also offers an online learning MA program, with a total cost of Rs. 8000.


8. Mahatma Gandhi University- Mahatma Gandhi University is the top online learning institution in India, offering a wide range of online courses. It is based in Kerala. A lot of people know the university for offering a huge range of specialties at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

One of the courses the institution offers is an online learning MA. The University Grants Commission has accredited the institution.


9. Netaji Subhas open university- The best public university in the country, Netaji Subhas Open University provides students with online undergraduate and graduate programs. One of the courses offered by the university is the online MA. The University Grant Commission has given the university its blessing. The Netaji Subhas Open University's online learning MA program costs Rs. 15200 for two years.

All About Online MA (masters in Arts) in India


According to the demand for the course among our aspirants, the top colleges in India for online MA vary. A postgraduate program in arts specialties is available through an online learning MA. In India, where there is a sizable population, many children are pursuing vocations and education in the hopes of having better futures. 

Following graduation, candidates who are interested in studying a variety of art-related areas might choose a distant MA. However, we are still unsure about which institution to pick in order to further our careers. Yes, there are numerous top colleges in India offering online MA programs that can help us advance our careers and increase our availability to work prospects.

The finest distance-learning MA schools give you access to the greatest learning management system, live classes, and industry-leading placement support.
A postgraduate degree known as an online MA or Master of Arts encompasses all humanities topics, such as political science, literature, language, etc. The most typical method of pursuing this course is via online learning. The majority of students in India who enroll in this course do so online. The course lasts for two years and is further broken into four semesters.

As the majority of students view online education as the most practical way to acquire knowledge, online education is a novel method of learning that proves to be successful. Along with learning how to self-study, students who choose online learning will do so.

Either the merit list or the entrance exam serves as the basis for the admission procedure. You can pursue a master's degree in this course in a variety of disciplines depending on your preferences. To apply for an MA, you must have at least a 50% GPA. 

Eligibility criteria of  online MA( Masters of Arts )


In order to enroll in the online learning MA program, students must meet specific eligibility requirements. In various universities, there are various requirements for admission. For admittance to their online MA programs, some universities also provide entrance tests.


These eligibility requirements are listed on the universities' and colleges' official websites.


The following are some fundamental eligibility requirements that all universities must meet:

  • Candidates must have graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in at least three to four years from an institution recognized by the University Grants Commission.
  • Those who have taken the exam or are in their final year are also eligible to apply for the MA.
  • Graduation requires a minimum of 50%. The proportion may change depending on the college. In some colleges and institutions, it might range from 50 to 60%.
  • There is a 5% relaxation for SC/ST/OBC and people with disabilities.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that the data on the application form needs to be accurate. Any inaccurate or deceptive information could result in the cancellation or revocation of admission.
  • Online MA College courses/ specializations are humanities, arts, and liberal arts are studied. The Distance MA is the appropriate course for you if you want to study literature or history and are looking for employment opportunities in those fields or if you want to establish your own business but don't want to leave your existing job. A cheap choice is a remote education course. Online MA Colleges Fee, is approx. 20k to 30k. 

Admission Process for Online MA (Masters of Arts)

Candidates must complete the following steps in order to get MA programs admission at Indian colleges:

  • There are two ways to get into MA programs: directly based on merit or through an entrance exam.
  • Some universities and colleges base admission decisions on test scores or merit. You are not required to take the entrance examination for these colleges.
  • Conversely, at certain colleges, you must take the entrance exam before you can receive direct admission. There are additional rounds of group discussions and personal interviews for final admission in a few colleges after the entrance exam.
  • Once you pass the entrance exam, you will receive a score or ranking depending on which you will be admitted to an MA program.
  • Online MA Colleges Fee, is approx. 20k to 30k. 

Several of the well-known admission tests held in India are as follows:-


  • TISSNET: Tata Institute of Social Sciences administers this test, and there are multiple-choice questions on it.
  • IPU CET - Indraprastha University administers this test.
  • Punjab University administers the PU CET test, and multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are used to assess candidates.
  • 14 central institutions in India organize the CUCET, or Central University Common Entrance Test, which is held at the national level.
  • Andhra University administers the state-level entrance exam known as AUCET.
  • Jawaharlal University administers the JNUET test, and many students study for it because JNU is renowned for offering a variety of MA programs.
  • DUET - Delhi University administers this test in many cities throughout India using computer-based testing.
  • MCQ questions are used in the BHU PET exam, which is administered by Banaras Hindu University


Let’s wind up
There are many universities in India that offer distance learning to students, but we must pick one of the top universities that are most suitable for us. In order to assist you to choose a school that suits you, we have included a list of the top universities. happy reading.


Ques. How many degree-granting institutions are there in India?
There are about 38,498 degree-granting institutions in India.


Ques. Which course or subject is suitable for an MA?
The best MA courses or subjects are political science, international relations, media, and communication.


Ques. Can an MA student choose two specializations?
No, you cannot choose two specializations from different universities in the same academic year.


Ques. Can distant learning be used to complete an MA?
The MA program is authorized by AICTE and UGC-DEB, therefore it can be completed through correspondence or distance learning.


Ques. Is a career in MA a good choice?
Yes, the MA program is a wonderful choice for students as it opens up a wide range of work prospects for them.


Ques. What is the length of the distance learning MA program?
The distance learning MA program lasts for two years and is broken up into four semesters.


Ques. Is a distance MA acceptable?
Yes, the MA program offered through distance learning is valid.


Ques. What steps must I take to be admitted to the MA program?
Admission to the MA program is either granted based on merit or through an entrance exam.


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