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How to Convert SGPA to Percentage? - SGPA Calculator

An SGPA to Percentage Calculator: What Is It?

To put it simply, a calculator is used to determine a particular value following mathematical procedures. Similar to this, an SGPA to percentage calculator is a device or specifically made a calculator that changes the grade points in the SGPA to percentages. Usually, the field of education makes use of these transformations.

SGPA to Percentage Calculator


SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average): What is it?

Semester Grade Point Average is the full name of the program. Institutions utilize this grading feature to assign a semester-long performance grade to each student. Colleges and other educational institutions are the ones that employ SGPA the most, albeit not all of them do. Therefore, pupils always need or ask for a calculator to convert SGPA to percentages.

Components of the SGPA Understanding some fundamental concepts, such as semesters, grade points, and credit points, is necessary to cope with SGPA.

  • Semester: Academic years are typically divided into semesters for a more thorough study of the programs. A semester consists of six months.

  • Grade Point: A student's performance in a particular subject they have learnt throughout the semester is represented by these points. These points exactly correspond to the level of understanding in that specific subject.

  • Credit Points: These points show how many hours students have committed to a given course. For each course to gain credit toward the semester, a student must devote a specific amount of time to it.

How to Calculate SGPA to Percentage?

Each program’s results are often expressed in terms of credit points for each subject. Before turning these SGPA into percentages, students must first determine their SGPA for that current semester. For SGPA to percentage converter, follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1: List all of the credit points that are listed on your performance sheet for the various disciplines.

  • Step 2: Divide each subject's credit point by its grade point.

  • Step 3: Add the outcomes of these multiplications for every subject at this point.

  • Step 4: Total the points that each subject is worth.

  • Step 5: Divide the Step 3 result by the Step 4 result.

  • In step six, the outcome will be treated as your SGPA for the semester.

Formula for Computing SGPA: Equivalent Points of Grades to Credits

If you're looking for a job or further study, you've probably encountered eligibility requirements that call for a specific minimum percentage of grades from your graduation and postgraduate program. To assess your eligibility for the job route you wish to take and to have a clear picture of your future scope, it is crucial to convert SGPA to percentage. Fortunately, converting your SGPA to a percentage is easy to do using this formula!

But remember to use the procedure above to determine your SGPA first. After obtaining your SGPA, you might utilize the subsequent procedures:
Convert SGPA to Percentage

Formula = (SGPA x 10) – 7.5
It can be divided into 2 parts:

  • Step 1: First multiply SGPA by 10.
  • Step 2: Subtract 7.5 from the result of Step 1

By using these formulas calculate their SGPA and convert it to percentage values.

Here is the Example for SGPA to Percentage Calculation:

  • SGPA = 7.94
  • Step 1: You have to multiply SGPA by 10: 7.94 x 10 = 79.4
  • Step 2: Then subtract 7.5 from the result: 79.4 – 7.5 = 71.9%

Grade Approved by the UGC

Marks Percentage Grade as per UGC Guidelines Grade Points
90-100% O stands for Outstanding 10
80-90% A+ stands for Excellent 9
70-80% A stands for Very Good 8
60-70% B+ stands for Good 7
50-60% B stands for Average 6
40-50% C stands for Pass 5
Below 40% F stands for Fail 0
Absent AB 0

What Distinguishes SGPA from CGPA?

The cumulative grade point average, or CGPA, is determined over a year. In contrast, the Semester Grade Point Average, or SGPA, is computed over six months, making it simpler for students to evaluate their progress and grades.Finding a CGPA from SGPA is as easy as playing tic tac toe. All you have to do is multiply the total SGPA by the number of semesters and add the values from each semester. Assume that a student received six points during the first semester and eight during the second. We combine the points from both semesters and divide them by the total number of semesters to determine their overall grade average (CGPA).


That's all, Students! Here is your simple guide to calculating your percentage based on your SGPA, just as promised. So go ahead and monitor your development to build the career of your dreams. Wishing you luck!

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