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Punjab, Phagwara College | 2005


Lovely Professional University received UGC-DEB approval because it upheld its standards for providing high-quality education. The University Grants Commission was founded by the Indian government as a statutory organization to sustain the necessary standards for higher education in India. All of the courses offered by universities that have acquired UGC recognition are valid and accepted around the world. LPU Online Learning is a great choice. Want to know why? Let us read further and get to know about it. 

The LPU campus is adjacent to the university and is easily accessible by both road and train on the Jalandhar-Delhi G.T. Students may easily travel from the campus to bus stops, train stations, and airports.

Lovely Professional University (LPU) just received a 9 crore project from the esteemed European Commission to manage a consortium of 11 universities studying sports education in India, According to the leading news organization The Hindu, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia is participating in the Erasmus Plus program.

The university provides services such as an online contact portal for students, one-on-one contact programs, career fairs at different locations, online study resources, etc.

The university offers a wide range of courses in subjects like administration, business, the arts, computer applications, etc.

Reason to choose LPU Online Learning 

  • Each student receives a personal account called "My Account" to assist them with a variety of administrative and academic activities like paying fees, receiving receipts, getting ID cards, etc.
  • Personalized messages, notifications, and reminders given via electronic communication keep students informed of all university events.
  • Course Connect - Information about the student's past or current enrollment status in the course is provided through this option.
  • The most significant portion of the e-connect is the e-Resources section, which provides access to more than 3540 academic resources, including self-study materials, program manuals, test questions from past years, assignments, etc.
  • Exam Connect: This feature is crucial since it provides access to all test-related information, such as the test date and time, location, admit cards, results, and exam problems from prior years.
  • Students can use this service to sign up online for the Personal Contact Program (PCP). Additionally, it provides the PCP standards, scheduling, etc. for a variety of courses.
  • Relationship Management System: With the help of this feature, students can ask questions about the course, the university, education, careers, and other general topics. They may also make recommendations for enhancing this feature.

Top Courses & Fees


The admissions procedure for Lovely Professional University's Online Education is conducted entirely online, and potential students can immediately register by visiting the school's website. Continue reading for details on how to apply for online learning courses.

LPU Online Registration Process 

  • Begin by signing up online at Lovely Professional University's online study portal.
  • After getting the prospectus online, completely fill out the application form.
  • After completing the application process, upload the to the university the necessary paperwork. Birth certificates, copies of college transcripts, current photo IDs, job and disability certifications, etc.
  • Before paying the fees for the relevant program, students must turn in all needed papers.
  • Finally, send your form together with all the necessary information.
  • Students should preserve the application form and payment receipt. (for future reference)


LPU Online MBA:

The idea that online schools offer high-quality education with a choice of specialty according to the course and with a variety of career opportunities, wage scales, etc., has recently gained strength. Finding the ideal online institution for your professional path to improve in your chosen area can be challenging, though. Look at the table below before you jump. And at LPU Online MBA you can get it all. 

From Lovely Professional University, you can earn an online MBA in business administration. A two-year online postgraduate professional degree program consists of four semesters. Expanding your managerial, business, or administrative skills in the setting of startups or for-profit businesses is possible through well-known, attractive online MBA programs.

LPU Online MBA Program 
One of the most well-known and well-liked courses that LPU provides online is the MBA. It offers excellent employment prospects with superior positions at big businesses. More than a million students today begin their careers in the business, managerial, and administrative fields. An online MBA program normally lasts two years from graduation. Although there are benefits for students who want to further their education in all three forms of learning, traditional, online, and remote.

Online learning is preferable for students who are already employed by a company or in a leadership position and who want to improve their skill set so they can even function more properly and effectively with more information.


  • Finance 
  • Marketing 
  • Data Science 
  • Human Resource Management



  • a bachelor's degree in a related field
  • The LPU Online MBA program accepts candidates with degrees in computer science from ICSI, accounting from ICAI, or accounting and management from ICAI as an alternative or equal.


LPU Online MBA Placements

  • The ideal placement help cell for students is one that can act as their home base. This foundation and some game-specific practice techniques are made available through LPU's online university.
  • PEPs, or professional enhancement programs, are available to LPU online students, who can use them to better their abilities.
  • Simulated Interviews: Students can prepare for their rounds with the aid of professional fake interviews.


LPU Online MCA

LPU Online MCA Program can be a great path to choose for your master’s degree as you can get all enhancement in terms of personal and professional qualities. Let us know how? 

  • Excellent teachers and an industry-focused curriculum The curriculum was developed by specialists from academia and industry, and it is being taught by highly qualified instructors.
  • LMS with interactive elements that are most effective: A potent LMS with an innovative mobile app and fascinating new features for effective teaching-learning
  • Enhancing students' skills in accordance with job needs and providing them with the necessary placement assistance are two aspects of recruiting and other career support.
  • Mentoring for personalized learning: tailored mentoring to strengthen the mentee's potential for professional and personal development
  • A degree from a prestigious university: Obtain a renowned, UGC-approved degree from a top-tier Indian university.


LPU Online MCA Placements

  • Initiative for Professional Development: Special sessions are scheduled under the Placement Enhancement Program (PEP) where students receive instruction in aptitude, logic, soft skills, and interviewing tactics.
  • Mock Interviews: You will have the opportunity to receive feedback and practice speaking and acting in an interview by participating in mock interviews. As a result, you'll feel more assured.
  • Online Courses: In collaboration with industry professionals, online seminars will be developed to provide you with the industry information and skills you'll need to be successful in the future.


LPU Online BCA

The IT or computer business offers a wide range of career opportunities for those with a bachelor's degree in computer applications.

It strives to grow and focuses on delivering the precise computer knowledge that enables the motivated learner to build the abilities necessary to thrive in IT-based sectors and work at the back end that manages the complete IT section.

BCA provides students with a comprehensive education in computer science as well as the core abilities required for success in the IT industry.

English is the only language that is spoken throughout class instruction, exam taking, assignment turning in, documentation, research, project assessments, and other theory project work.

LPU Online has made LPU e-connect available to students in order to make learning easier for them.


  • 10+2 must come from a board that is accredited (CBSE, ICSE, or another state board).
  • Students with a strong background in science or business are preferred.


LPU Online BCA Placements:

  • Placement assistance is one of the key components that appeal to students the most. Assistance with job placement is available to Lovely Professional University students, who can use it to identify possibilities and get a jump start on their careers.
  • PEP: Through webinars, seminars, workshops, and other learning activities, LPU's placement assistance program strongly emphasizes the development of student's skills.
  • Students are also given mock interviews to assist them to develop that confidence and practice the right responses because it's important to feel confident throughout the HR stage.


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Q No. Does LPU Online work?
Ans :-
Yes, the degrees are fully recognized and respected both in India and internationally because the college has recognition from organizations like the UGC, AICTE (for professional programs), WES, NIRF, etc.

Q No. The UGC has approved LPU Online?
Ans :-
LPU Online has received permission from the UGC, NIRF, and AICTE (for MBA and MCA).

Q No. LPU Online offers scholarships, right?
Ans :-
No, there aren't any scholarships offered at LPU Online right now. However, students who enroll early or pay their course fees in full will receive a reduction in their tuition.

Q No. Does LPU Online provide help with job placement?
Ans :-
Yes, LPU Online offers various professional help services like career counseling, professional mentorship, professional training, and grooming sessions, among others, in addition to hosting regular virtual placement drives.

Q No. Can I pursue an online MBA at LPU?
Ans :-
Yes, LPU Online provides a full-time, online MBA degree program at the postgraduate level.

Q No. Is an LPU Online degree recognized by the government?
Ans :-
Yes, the degrees earned from LPU Online are recognized by all major accreditation and approval bodies, including the government and private sectors (e.g., UGC, AICTE, WES, NIRF).




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