Skyrocket Your Chances to RANK HIGHER in the Exam

Skyrocket Your Chances to RANK HIGHER in the Exam



University | 1998


GLA online University was initially established in 1998 by Shri Narayan Das as the GLA Group of Institutes. With the assistance of the U.P State Legislative Act of 2009, GLA University has developed into a fully functional university since its inception. The entire campus of the institution encompasses a total area of 80 acres. The university may be found at Vrindavan, which is located in Mathura.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has acknowledged the legitimacy of the online education offered by GLA University as a genuine institution of higher learning. The university offers several different courses via the internet, including ones in the fields of business, trade, and the sciences. The online degree program offered by GLA University in Meerut has been formally recognized by several government authorities.

Access to higher education for all students was the major motivation behind the founding of the non-profit GLA University. Accreditation has been granted to the school by the UGC. Both the National Council for Teacher Education and the Indian Pharmacy Councils acknowledge GLA as an accredited organization.

GLA University Online Learning:

Studies can be undertaken in a wide variety of fields at GLA University Mathura. Some of these fields include the arts, the sciences, computer applications, management, education, social work, and Ph.D. programs, among others. The institution offers more than 84 specialized tracks for students interested in the aforementioned fields of research. The institution also offers higher education in the form of Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma programs for students to choose from. In addition, the college currently offers a total of 23 distinct academic programs that can be completed online.

Top Courses & Fees


The GLA will soon announce UG and PG admissions and issue application forms. Applications will be accepted online through the GLA website, and students must complete their applications by the deadline.

Every year, the University offers admissions at all levels through entrance tests. GLA administers the GLAET exam at the university level and the UPSEE exam at the state level. It also provides entrance through national exams like the MAT, CAT, UGC, GATE, XAT, and CSIR.

GLA University UG Admission

  • The results of students' success on the university's entrance exam decide admission to the UG course at GLA University. Applicants for UG courses must have finished their 12th grade with a grade point average of more than 55 percent from a government-approved school or institution.
  • Admission to BTech, BCA, BA, BBA, and other bachelor courses is based on students' GLAET exam scores. Following the exam, the university will invite selected students to finish the admissions process.


GLA University PG Admission

  • The GLA University allocates admission to PG programs depending on student performance in the university's entrance exam as part of the admissions procedure. Students seeking admission to the university's courses must have completed their undergraduate studies at a recognized university or institution.
  • Candidates for the MTech program must have passed the GLAET exam. Students who have been selected based on their GLAET Exam scores must participate in the university's PI and GD rounds to be admitted to the MBA program.


GLA Online University Admission Process

The admissions procedure at GLA Online University is conducted entirely online. There are only six fundamental important procedures to enroll and get admission to the college, making the admission and application process short and simple.
The admissions procedure comprises mostly of the following steps:

  • The Registration Procedure for the University Website
    • Prospective students should create an account on the official website to begin the admissions process.
    • Fill out the necessary details after that. where prospective students can complete their personal information and begin the enrolment process
  • Application Submission and Required Materials
    • The next step is to fill out the application with personal information and academic history.
    • Applicants may complete the application process by submitting their credentials and supporting documentation.
    • Finally, for a smooth admissions process, students should cross-check the information on their application with the information on their supporting documents.
    • Most notably, as part of the admissions process, prospective students must provide the following items:
  • Identification Documents
    • Qualifications School Administrator's Certificate of Good Conduct Birth Certificate Passport-Size Photograph Official Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Verification of Documents
    • The university will then examine to determine if the information the student entered corresponds to the information on the papers they supply.
    • With this stage completed, the student's admissions process can proceed.
  • Screening and Eligibility Evaluation
    • Prospective students must take a screening exam before enrolling in the program of their choosing, in addition to completing the relevant papers and making the necessary payments.
  • Before enrolling, pay the course price.
    • After completing the application, submitting the required papers, and passing the eligibility exam, students can pay for their courses, usually for the first year. The easiest method to discover more about the fee's specifics is to contact the school's management.
  • The University's Institutional Recognition
    • The institution issues an admissions confirmation after carefully reviewing the applicant's information, supporting paperwork, and qualifying exam results. Following that, the student is formally admitted to their classes and gain access to their login information.

NOTE- That is why enrolling with GLA Online University is so straightforward and quick.

GLA University Online Courses

GLA University online education offers several degree programs to candidates. Undergraduate majors include science, arts, commerce, pharmacy, and law. Candidates are free to select from the offered alternatives.

  • B.COM (Hons): The B.Com (Hons) is a three-year full-time online undergraduate degree program.
  • BBA: The BBA course is a three-year full-time online undergraduate program offered by GLA Online, with specializations in four fields.
    • Universities provide a wide range of basic undergraduate programs. They provide classes in a wide range of subjects, including the humanities, sciences, information technology, journalism, and others.
    • Furthermore, the college offers a variety of Postgraduate Courses (or "PG") options. Humanities, sciences, information technology, media, business, and other courses
  • MBA: The MBA program at GLA Online is a two-year postgraduate degree program.
    • GLA Online University courses include a 6-month Diploma study in Banking and Wealth Management.
  • Advanced and executive diploma courses: GLA Online University also offers a range of advanced diploma and executive diploma courses to students over one year.


Online Admission Requirements for the GLA Online University.

  • The University of course has its prerequisites that all applicants must meet. Before commencing the application process, please review the GLA university's online education eligibility requirements in their entirety.
  • The admissions committee gives first consideration to candidates who meet the minimum requirements for enrollment in the freshman year of their undergraduate programs. A 10+2 diploma in any subject from a recognized board.
  • The minimum GPA required for admission to an MBA program is 50%, and applicants must have a Bachelor's degree from a recognized university.

Masters Degree Requirements at GLA University

  • Scored above a 50% on the Final Exam in Senior Year
  • with an undergraduate degree from an approved college or university with a grade point average of at least 0.5 and work experience relevant to the master's degree being pursued.
  • Exams play a significant role in determining whether students are accepted into technical and engineering degree programs.

Bachelor's Degree Requirements at a GLA University

  • The Bachelor's degree program has minimal and student-friendly admissions requirements, so students from a wide variety of educational backgrounds are encouraged to apply and enroll.

This is the course schedule for the semester:

  • An applicant must have completed a recognized high school or its equivalent (10+2).
  • All applicants need to have a minimum of 50% in both English and math at the 10+2 level. General admission into the program requires a minimum of 45% on a 0-100 scale; applicants from specific restricted categories are eligible for a 5% reduction.
  • Applying is encouraged for students of all educational levels.
  • Therefore, anyone who is curious and meets the prerequisites is welcome to submit an online application to enroll in the course.


GLA University Online MBA

GLA Online University's Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree program provides graduate-level education in the field of business administration at a cheap price. The online Master of Business Administration degree program lasts for two years and is completed entirely online.

Students can choose from over ten concentrations, including in-demand fields like marketing, finance, human resource management, business analytics, and more. Students are encouraged to acquire critical thinking skills, analytical ways to analyze diverse challenges, etc., while also learning about around 12 core topics of business administration throughout the degree.

Because it is given by a university with a high ranking from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), earning this degree will look great on a resume and help students advance in their careers. The AICTE has also given its stamp of approval to this program.

If an MBA from GLA Online University is something you're considering, read on for more information.

MBA Specializations at GLA Online University

For their students, GLA Online University provides ten distinct areas of study, all of which were chosen with an eye on future job market trends. The following 10 specializations are offered by GLA Online in their MBA program:

  • Finance Management 
  • Marketing Management 
  • Human Resource Management 
  • International Business Management 
  • Insurance and Banking
  • Information Technology Management
  • Operations Management 
  • Supply Chain Management 
  • Retail Management
  • Business Analytics


GLA University Online BBA Courses

GLA Online University provides students with the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree over the course of three years. This is a degree program that can be completed entirely online, and it offers concentrations in all of the most important aspects of business administration.

GLA Online University provides a graduation program that may be completed entirely online. This program is at the Bachelor's level and takes a total of three years to complete. This is a degree program that requires students to attend class on a full-time basis and covers four areas of concentration: human resource management, financial management, marketing management, and banking and insurance management.

A Learning Management System is utilized in order to facilitate instruction that is delivered to students in an online environment (LMS). Since GLA Online University is a highly accredited online university, receiving approvals from organizations such as the UGC, AICTE, NAAC, and BCI, amongst others, the Bachelor of Business Administration degree that is received from this institution is a respectable one.


Why should one attend GLA University?

It's true that many schools now provide online and remote learning options, but GLA University stands out for a number of reasons. The GLA University was established in 1991 and has since grown to become a leading educational institution in the northern part of India. It has earned the highest accreditations from India's regulatory organizations and goes above and beyond to provide students with access to world-class facilities at surprisingly low costs.

Therefore, a large demographic of potential students can attend GLA University. The combination of trained and helpful teaching staff and helpful academic resources makes this institution a strong candidate for higher education. GLA University provides students with comprehensive educational support by way of placement assistance and financial aid.

Just Why Should You Attend GLA Online College

Several colleges and universities nowadays are embracing cutting-edge online learning platforms. As of recently, GLA University may be counted among those that have fully dedicated a department to the delivery of undergraduate and graduate level education via online means. Some of the main reasons why it would be a suitable fit for your university education are listed below:

  • University Accreditations
    • GLA Online University's many accreditations and approvals since its founding make it one of the best online education options. The Uttar Pradesh government also recognizes GLA Online. GLA Online University's primary accreditations and approvals are below:
      • UGC (UGC), AICTE (AICTE), AIU (AIU), NAAC—A-rated, BAR India (BCI)
      • GLA Online's technical courses are AICTE-approved, and its degrees and diplomas are valid in India and internationally.
  • Outstanding Programs: The university offers specializations in commerce, management, and sciences depending on career scope and market demand. Students have a good selection of courses and related specialties.
  • Affordable Education: GLA Online University's low course fees without sacrificing quality are one of its most distinguishing features. This expands higher education's social role by making it more affordable. GLA Online offers merit scholarships and flexible installment payments.
  • Academic and Student Support Excellence: The study and student support facilities at GLA Online are efficient and easy to use, which is crucial for an online university. LMS, academic planning, individualized mentorship, curriculum planning, etc. Admission counseling, placement aid, professional coaching, and other student support services help students complete and learn.
  • Helpful Placement: GLA Online University's relationships with Jindal, Honda, Accenture, Amazon, and others give students professional experience and possibilities to acquire solid jobs after graduation. GLA Online University has many advantages over other online/distance institutions, making it a good choice for online higher education.

What You Need to Know About GLA Online University

In 1991, N. established GLA University. Written by D. Agrawal to honor the life of Shri Ganesh Lal Agrawal. GLA University has been providing advanced education in a wide variety of fields, including science, technology, the arts, business, etc., for many years. Northern India has a number of prestigious universities, and this one is among the best known.

In order to better serve the requirements of its students, GLA University has established GLA Online University, a separate section devoted solely to online education and the use of educational technology. The National Assessment of Academic Competencies (NAAC) has given GLA Online University an "A" grade for the quality of its online business administration, commerce, and science and technology programmes. UGC, AICTE, AIU, BCI, PCI, NCTE, etc. have all granted their approval.

let's sum up

  • GLA Online University online business, economics, and science and technology programs are so good that the NAAC has awarded them an "A" grade. Several reputable organizations have given their stamp of approval, including the UGC, AICTE, AIU, BCI, PCI, NCTE, and others.
  • My earnest hope is that you'll find the answers to all of your questions and doubts here. Our comprehensive guide provides all the details prospective students need to know about taking courses online with GLA University. Please let us know if this is the case.


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Ques. Is it possible to enrol in an online programme at GLA University?
The GLA Online University is the only place to take classes at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Ques. Do companies recognise GLA Online degrees?
University Grants Commission (UGC), National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC; grade A), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), All India Council for Teacher Education (BCI), National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), etc. have all validated GLA Online University's degrees and certificates, ensuring their validity and international recognition.

Ques. Please let me know if GLA is a private or public institution.
GLA Online University is not open to the general public, thus no.

Ques. What is the GLA Online University's standing with the UGC?
To be clear, GLA Online University has been approved by the UGC to provide exclusively online programmes.

Ques. Is GLA Online's curriculum authorised by the All India Council for Technical Education?
The AICTE has examined and approved the professional and technical programmes offered by GLA Online University.

Ques. Is there an online MBA programme available from GLA University?
If you want to earn your MBA online, how do you go about doing that? GLA Online University makes this a realistic option. The duration of the curriculum is two years, and it offers study in 10 different tracks.

Ques. If any, how does GLA Online University help its students financially?
GLA Online University offers merit-based scholarships to qualified students.

Ques. Can you tell me about the GLA Online University's placement services?
Yes, GLA Online has helped many students get employment because to its ties with major corporations and organisations and its regular placement fairs.


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