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Top 9 Online MCA Colleges in India

The degree program known as an online Master in Computer Application, or online MCA, gives students the opportunity to advance their careers in the computer and IT sectors of business. Advanced computer knowledge in areas like computer programming, networking, database management, etc. is taught through online learning MCA programs.


The degree makes it possible to pursue careers as a manager, programmer, system designer, or system administrator, among other professions. The academic and practical components of the course are taken into consideration when designing the online MCA course. Students can take MCA courses conveniently online. Additionally, businesses encourage present workers to pursue an MCA degree because it enhances students' abilities and expertise.


The MCA program through online learning is ideal for working professionals. Students with jobs in the IT sector have an excellent chance to advance their careers. Working professionals who pursue an online MCA program receive a degree and knowledge that elevates their professional standing. Additionally, several universities help their students get jobs. In this blog, I have mentioned Top Online MCA Colleges In India.


India's Top 10 Universities and Colleges

We will discuss the best colleges and universities that offer an online MCA program in this blog. The top 9  colleges in India that provide online MCA programs will be listed, along with a detailed analysis of each institution:


1. Suresh Gyan Vihar University- The university has a diverse student body and has earned NAAC Grade "A" accreditation. The only private university in Rajasthan has received praise for its successful efforts to improve students' educational and physical facilities. The three-year program is available via both a full-time schedule and online learning.

  • Eligibility: Graduation in any field is required, as well as grades in 10 and 10+2 with an aggregate of at least 40%.
  • Application process: Candidates must apply here in order to be considered for admission to an -AICTE-certified university. Students can apply here for an online learning MCA degree.
  • Fee Structure: Regular MCA fees are around 30,000 INR per semester, payable either semester-by-semester or annually.


2. Jain University- The 2-year, fully online Master of Computer Applications (MCA) degree at Jain University is UGC-accredited and AICTE-approved. It offers a selection of 8 electives.

  • Artificial Intelligence Data Science
  • Utilizing the Cloud
  • Development across the board
  • Game development using IT and computer science
  • Analytics of Data (Accredited by IoA, UK)
  • Internet safety (Accredited by BCS, UK)
  • Eligibility Requirements: A bachelor's degree in any field from an accredited university with a minimum grade point average of 50% is required. Candidates from SC and ST are given a 5% relaxation.
  • Application Process: Students must complete the enrollment form on the website, follow the on-screen instructions, and then pay online to finish the admissions process.
  • Fee structure: The total cost of the online and online MBA program at Jain University is INR 50,000 per semester. In addition, students must pay a registration cost of INR 2500 (one time) and an examination fee of INR 3000 (per year).

3. Annamalai University-  Since its founding in 1920, Annamalai University has led the way in educating students from all over the world. The university, which is based in South India, is positioned between 800 and 1000 in the 2018 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

  • Eligibility: Graduation in any field is required, as well as 10 and 10+2 grades totaling at least 55%.
  • Application procedure: Interested parties should send their registration fees, along with the other enclosures stated above, to the address provided. They should also include a DD. Admissions are prioritized based on merit.
  • Fee structure:
    • First year: 31,095 INR
    • Second year: 27,400 INR
    • Three years: 27,400 INR


4. IGNOU(Indra Gandhi national open university)- Many Indian students choose the decades-old university since it is a top provider of online learning education. IGNOU, which is managed by the federal government, has so far served 4 million students.

  • Eligibility: Graduation in any field is required, as well as grades in 10 and 10+2.
  • Application procedure: Prospective students can apply by getting a course prospectus from any IGNOU regional center in the area.
  • Fee Structure: The MCA program at IGNOU has a three-year duration and a total cost of about 54000 INR.


5. Amity university- Many people hold Amity University in high regard because it was the first private university to receive a significant amount of international recognition. Numerous successful entrepreneurs have been produced by the university, which has successfully placed thousands of students in prestigious corporations.

  • Eligibility: Graduation in any field is required, as well as grades in 10 and 10+2.
  • Application Procedure: Students can apply online, and the application process is straightforward. For students who received less than 80% on their 10, 10+2, or graduate exams, there is an entrance exam.
  • Fee Structure: Non-scholarship students must pay 1 lac in fees each semester. The official website has access to a detailed fee breakdown.


6. Jaipur National University- The top private institution in Rajasthan, Jaipur National University, was established in 2007. The MCA program at JNU is excellent and was recognized by UGC-DEB and NAAC in 2008. Jaipur National University's staff and learning management system are of the highest caliber. Every class of students can enroll in the MCA at JNU thanks to the lower tuition of Rs. 39,000 and the outstanding faculty.
Non-scholarship students are required to pay 1 lac in fees per semester. A thorough fee breakdown is accessible on the official website.


7. Sikkim Manipal University- This university is well known for its online programs. online MCA, one of the most popular degrees at Sikkim Manipal University, is a 3-year program broken down into 6 semesters. Sikkim Manipal University has partnerships with some of the best businesses in the industry, and their online learning MCA program has great placement rates. The entire cost of the course is $109,500.
There are numerous additional universities that offer remote MCA courses, but in our opinion, these are the top institutions for such programs.


8. Bangalore university- Another state-run university on our list is Bangalore University. One of the most well-known programs is Bangalore University's online learning MCA. The University is a UGC-DEB-approved institution, and the MCA program here provides a significant amount of the most recent information. Students enrolling at Bangalore University have access to the university's online library, which has been updated with books and videos that supplement the academic content. Bangalore University charges 42,800 rupees in tuition.


9. University of Mumbai-  The Institute of online and Open online Learning of the University of Mumbai offers this postgraduate degree program. The university is a state university and is approved by UGC and DEB. To apply for an online MCA course at the University of Mumbai one has to clear the Mumbai University Entrance test. You must have gotten the idea of how reputed the course is when it has limited seats in the online MCA program. The Fee for the online MCA program at the University of Mumbai is Rs. 50,625.


All About Online MCA (Masters of computer application) in India


After graduating, students can enroll in a full-time MCA (Master of Computer Applications) degree program. This course has a three-year duration and requires the student to take exams every six semesters. This course covers a wide range of topics, including computational theory, programming, algorithms, design, and optimization, mobile technologies, electronics, etc. Some institutions offer an integrated MCA that takes six years to complete and includes eleven semesters and six months of on-the-job training.


The MCA program gives students the tools they need to develop personally and prepares them to work in disciplines relevant to the IT industry. System Management, System Development, System Engineering, Application Software, Internet, Management Information System (MIS), Software Development, Troubleshooting, Hardware Technology, and Networking are among the 10 specialties offered by this course.


Instead of using a classroom setting, MCA online learning uses the internet to deliver education. The increased convenience of doing so benefits the learner. 


Online  MCA Eligibility criteria

Every university has its own requirements for eligibility for the online MCA program; nonetheless, the following are the common requirements for this program:

  • A candidate must hold a BCA, another bachelor's degree in computer science, or an equivalent qualification.
  • As a required subject for the 10+2 exam in mathematics.


Career opportunities after completing Online MCA courses

  • Software Application Architect: The selected candidate will be in charge of making critical choices in order to assess a business choice. Offering software development solutions like codes, programs, and even tools will fall under this category as well.
  • Hardware Engineer: Candidates for the position of hardware engineer are given the chance to work with a variety of complex hardware, including circuit boards, wireframes, hard drives, printers, and more. It is your responsibility to offer the company or its clients alternative, cost-effective options.
  • System Engineer/Developer: Candidates are in charge of writing the codes needed for the client's or the organization's operating systems. Strong coding abilities and a thorough understanding of various software are required for this position.
  • System Analyst: Candidates with the profile "System Analyst" are in charge of creating IT solutions for a company or client in order to maximize productivity.
  • Technical Writer: Candidates with strong written and verbal skills may choose to pursue a career in technical writing. The technical documentation must be prepared for many global corporations, which calls for strong technical abilities.
  • Troubleshooter: Since troubleshooting is the foundation of the company and necessitates constant monitoring and review, the candidate will be in charge of resolving its technical problems.
  • Web developer: The candidate is in charge of creating and designing websites for the client or the organization. Additionally, this position includes website upkeep, which necessitates familiarity with HTML, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Flash, among other programs.
  • Software Engineer: The candidate will be in charge of developing, implementing, and maintaining the software systems used by the company or the client. Stronger computer proficiency and inventiveness are also required for this position.

Average MCA Professional Salary in India: 
In locations like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune, the typical pay for an MCA graduate combined with any graduation might range from 25,000 to 35,000 INR per month.


Most Effective Online MCA College Admission Process

Although each college has its own unique admissions approach for online MCA, this article provides a thorough description of the best online MCA college in India's standard admissions process.

  • The candidate must visit the college's official website to obtain an application form.
  • Before completing the application form, candidates must read all of the necessary information.
  • An application form with inaccurate or incomplete information will be rejected right away.
  • You have the option of paying the application fee and entrance exam cost online or in person.
  • A notification of admission acceptance will be sent to the applicant through email or text message.
  • The MCA college fees for online courses can be completed for 50,000 to a million dollars. It varies from university to university how much the course costs. The cost of this course varies from university to university. 


Why Opt for an Online MCA Program?

What is the justification for selecting online MCA courses? The MCA is a three-year postgraduate degree that is intended for individuals who want to learn more about the latest programming languages as they apply to the development of computer applications. This master's degree is appropriate for students who want to further their careers in app development by building a strong technical foundation and utilizing cutting-edge technology. This course has been specially designed by Sunstone to meet the rising demand for qualified IT professionals.

While studying this course, students will gain a deeper understanding of subjects including systems design, computer networks, application software development, system administration, database administration, web design and development, and so on.

The primary causes are:

  • Excellent alternative for a career in the ever-evolving IT sector
  • Investigating various career profiles.
  • Never-ending demand
  • Getting work in a prestigious company.


Let’s wind up

Online learning can be challenging, particularly if you have a busy schedule after finishing your degree. Although you will find it incredibly convenient and simple to study and master your course modules with these universities behind you, you won't take long to advance on the success ladder of life.



Ques. Validity of an online MCA degree?
Yes, if you receive your MCA via online learning from a UGC and DEB-approved university or college, your degree is fully valid. As beneficial as a traditional MCA, online education MCA opens up a wide range of opportunities for you to explore.


Ques. Is MCA online the same as MCA in person?
The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) online program is a two-year post-graduate degree that can be obtained both on-campus and online. The syllabus, curriculum, projects, and practicals for the online MCA are the same as those for a traditional MCA program.


Ques. After an online  MCA, are I still employable?
The work opportunities for postgraduates with an online  MCA are many and in high demand both domestically and internationally. Some online  MCA postgraduates can explore new technology and computer management, and technical consulting, among other IT-related vocations.


Ques. Can I work and pursue my MCA?
You can enroll in MCA courses given by open institutions like IGNOU while working a job. Only one semester's worth of leave is required for administering tests.


Ques. What is an MCA online course?
The MCA is career- and skill-oriented. In essence, the curriculum covers subjects like Java programming, cloud computing, financial accounting, electronics, mobile technologies, network and database management, and so forth. Advanced Indexing and Data Structures. the object-oriented.


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