Skyrocket Your Chances to RANK HIGHER in the Exam

Skyrocket Your Chances to RANK HIGHER in the Exam

Top 9 Online BBA Colleges in India

More and more aspiring college graduates are choosing to pursue their fields of study online as the number of people taking online courses grows. According to a 2012 Babson study, 33% of all college students are reportedly enrolled in at least one online course. Some people only need to sign up for one or two online courses. Some people choose a different route, opting to earn their degree online rather than from a traditional university. A recent joint study by The Learning House, Inc., and Aslanian Market Research found that business was the most popular course of study. The Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA for short, is the most popular online degree.
In order to assist you, we have updated our lists of the Top 9 Online BBA Colleges in India and the Best Online BBA Colleges in India. To learn more about online BBA programs, be sure to read the blog in its entirety.


Make sure to go through the entire blog to know the detailed information on Online BBA Programs. 


List of Online BBA Colleges In India

1. DY Patil University: Students who want to work in business administration, entrepreneurship, finance, accounting, or other related fields can enroll in the DY Patil Online BBA, a three-year undergraduate program. Even though a student can complete a BBA program entirely online, it still has value and utility comparable to a distant, physical degree. It's a common misconception that professional training obtained online is ineffective and unrecognized, but an increasing number of reputable and accredited colleges are providing full-time BBA programs online.


  • Several prospects for professional exposure, such as projects, internships, and job openings after degree completion.
  • Relevant specialties that are highly sought after and respected in the workplace include marketing management, human resource management, finance management, IT and systems management, and international business management.
  • A well-structured course with 35 courses spread over six semesters and project work in the final semester ensures that students receive a 360-degree education that includes exposure to both theories and practice.
  • An efficient learning management system that guarantees the delivery of high-quality educational services online, making the learning process interesting and practical for the students.


Specialization Available 


  • Finance Management    
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management    
  • IT and Systems Management 
  • International Business Management


2. Swami Vivekanand Subharti University: The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a professional 3-year undergraduate business management program that emphasizes the study of commerce, business, administration, and marketing with the aim of encouraging students' managerial and entrepreneurial skills growth in preparation for leadership and management roles in the global economy. It is again one of the top Online BBA College In India. 

Strategic planning, managerial economics, budgeting, organizational behavior, standard costing, business law, and marketing are among the subjects included in the courses for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Students with a BBA degree and several years of relevant professional experience can comfortably assume a leadership position in any organization.


3. Chandigarh University: Chandigarh University offers a three-year bachelor's degree program in business administration, or BBA, to all prospective students. Candidates with a Class 12 diploma from a recognized board in any subject may enroll in the online BBA program. Candidates must go to Chandigarh University's official website in order to apply for the BBA online program there. The curriculum, which spans six semesters, is made to give students both theoretical knowledge and real-world applications.
Eligibility: Before applying for Chandigarh University's online BBA program, it's crucial for candidates to meet the requirements. The following are the requirements to enroll in the course:

  • Candidates must have passed a recognized board or university's 10+2 exam, or an equivalent test, in any stream.


4. Manipal University: Our thorough online BBA program prepares you for a variety of professional life scenarios and is in accordance with the most recent pedagogical trends. We make it easy for you by giving you the option to attend live and recorded lessons from any location. You can contact our instructors and your peers whenever you need to thanks to our multi-channel student support desk. Learn at your own pace from the most reputable instructors and take online tests under the supervision of a proctor from the comfort of your own home.

  • A recognized National or State board institution's 10+2 diploma
  • A 10+3 diploma from a nationally or state-recognized institution
  • A minimum of 50% overall in the 10+2 or diploma (45% for reserved categories)


5. Jain University: The Bachelor of Business Administration is a three-year online degree program that is available to students who want to begin a professional career in management. This curriculum will cover your chosen elective topic in order to get you ready for entry-level jobs. An online BBA program will prepare you for the particular needs of a company. By learning about organizations and business, you may lay the groundwork for a successful career in management and business. A manager can significantly affect a company's growth and productivity.

The online BBA program is meant to provide you with a thorough understanding of the business and management fundamentals while also allowing you to delve deeply into a functional area of electives.

  • The State or Central Government-recognized State Board, CBSE, NIOS, IGCSE, IB, or ICSE examination (10+2).
  • Candidates scheduled to take the 10+2 test are also welcome to apply.


6. Amity University Online: The three-year undergraduate online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at Amity University, Noida is intended for all aspiring students who have completed class 12. The university offers one of the best Online BBA College Courses and that is, Managerial economics, business aptitude, organizational behavior, human resource, business ethics, laws, management information systems (MIS), accounting, marketing, financial management, production and operations, and advertising and sales promotion are just a few of the topics covered in the BBA online degree program. Students can pursue careers as HR generalists, financial analysts, business development executives, operations managers, marketing executives, and other relevant positions after completing the online BBA program at Amity University.

  • The State or Central Government-recognized State Board, CBSE, NIOS, IGCSE, IB, or ICSE examination (10+2).
  • Candidates scheduled to take the 10+2 test are also welcome to apply.


The goal of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree is to prepare students to work as managers in the workplace.
gives pupils the necessary professional training and business management knowledge to advance their education and the industry.
offers students cutting-edge facilities to develop and advance their career goals, whether they are managerial, administrative, or entrepreneurial.

gives students access to skill-based education to provide them a competitive edge in the job market. The Online BBA College Fee comes under an affordable range. 

Display a thorough understanding of business management ideas across all functional domains.
Analyze and think critically about business issues.

  • Any discipline HSC 10 + 2 from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% OR
  • Any discipline HSC 10+ 2  from a recognized board with a minimum of 45% and two years of work experience OR
  • SSC 10+ and a 3-year Diploma recognized by AICTE with a minimum of 55%


8. ICFAI: The field of commerce offers a degree program called BBA. Business study and advanced courses pertaining to all facets of business management are included in the BBA curriculum. For individuals who want to pursue a career in management or business administration, this is the right course. This course is for undergrads. As a result, you won't have any options. Basic disciplines covered by a BBA degree include Business Law, Sales Management, Financial Management, and more. The university offers one of the best Online BBA College Courses for Online BBA Programs. 

The three-year course's supplied syllabus focuses primarily on knowledge exchange regarding every facet of business management and administration.

  • Indian resident 
  • 10th+12th marks certificates or 
  • other acceptable identification


9. Symbiosis University Online: A 100% online B.B.A. curriculum that integrates theory, practical business instruction, and management development prepares students for a successful corporate career. The online BBA program will provide you with the skills necessary to succeed in today's dynamic business environment. You can select from the most in-demand specializations in the business, including marketing, human resources, accounting and finance, environment management, data analytics, international business, hospital and healthcare management, and entrepreneurship, and there is no need to attend a school. Within the curriculum, the online BBA offers the options of a General B.B.A., a B.B.A. with a single specialization, and a B.B.A. with two specializations.

You will master the most in-demand skills necessary to succeed today while earning your online B.B.A. from Symbiosis International (Deemed) University. The Online BBA College Fee is also considered a pocket-friendly fee structure. 

Eligibility: Passed the Standard XII (10+2) or an equivalent exam from a recognized Board with a minimum grade point average of 50% (or 45% for members of Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes).


Why Choose An Online BBA Program?

BBA for everyone: Anyone interested in pursuing higher education and developing their skill set can enroll in an online learning BBA program. Whether a mother is on maternity leave, a working professional, or a student. All you need to do is drop out of 10+2.

Increasing Your Skill: Set Your resume benefits from online BBA. Your skill set, knowledge, and access to the most up-to-date tools are all enhanced by an online BBA, giving you an advantage in today's cutthroat marketplace. BBA online programs increase your income.

Learn to be Flexible: Online BBA is incredibly flexible, in contrast to the normal BBA's strict requirements for attendance, scheduling, and physical presence. The online lesson is available to you whenever and whenever you want. As a result, you may simply control the class times for your online learning BBA courses in accordance with your daily obligations.


Online BBA Colleges Admission Procedure


  • Register for admission to the university of your choice on the institution's official website.
  • Complete the website's application form with all the necessary information.
  • Upload the required files, then pay the tuition.
  • Then turn in the application and payment for the semester.
  • Following the application assessment by the university, a confirmation message will be sent to you.

Online BBA Placement Opportunities 

A BBA degree earned remotely and online can lead to several job opportunities across numerous industries. BBA graduates can find positions in marketing, finance, sales, human resources, and banking on a variety of profiles.

Real estate provides a variety of professions such as Office Executive, Assistant Marketing, Sales Officer, etc. that one can get in industries like PR and advertising, digital marketing, retail, and e-commerce.

For BBA graduates, TCS, Accenture, Capgemini, HDFC Bank, Infosys, Deloitte, ICICI, Mahindra, Kotak, and more companies have offers and profiles.



Ques. Which universities are suitable for online BBA?
Whether a college offers the specialty you want to study completely determines which college you should attend. Here are a few excellent institutions providing online BBA programs: Chandigarh University OnlineLearning, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), DY Patil Vidyapeeth, Jaipur National University Manipal University, Amity Online, Lovely Professional University (LPU), University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), and Amrita Ahead Online


Ques. Which universities in India are permitted to provide an online BBA degree?
The Ministry of HRD has authorized awarding degrees via the internet in the following four categories: Public State University Centers for National Interest Stand-alone universities and DEI You may pursue an Online BBA from that institution if it is accredited with the UGC and DEB.


Ques. Is the CAT required to enroll in online BBA programs in India?
. CAT is a desirable but not a necessary requirement for admission to an online BBA program.


Ques. Is an online BBA worthwhile?
Online BBA is similar to a traditional BBA in accordance with UGC norms.


Ques. What is the top online BBA program?
There are many different areas of specialty available in online BBA programs. Some of the most sought-after specializations include financial management, marketing management, human resource management, supply chain management, and retail management.


Ques. What professions are available to those who complete an online BBA?
After earning your online BBA degree, you are qualified to apply for any managerial or executive position. You may find jobs as managers, analysts, and executives online. You can also get jobs as a market researcher, brand manager, digital media manager, financial analyst, HR manager, and corporate executive.


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