Skyrocket Your Chances to RANK HIGHER in the Exam

Skyrocket Your Chances to RANK HIGHER in the Exam

NEET FET: NBE opens edit window; check details


National Eligibility Cumulation Entrance Test Fellowship Entrance Test 2022 (NEET FET 2022): Today, the National Board of Examination in Medical Sciences started the edit window. Candidates who have submitted an application for FET 2022 may edit it at the official website,


The revision period started at 3 p.m. and will end on January 30 at 11:55 p.m. The only uploaded information that cannot be changed by candidates is their name, test city, country, mobile number, and email address.


During this time, there won't be any new registrations or applications accepted.


The deadline for finishing the required one-year internship for MBBS was recently extended by the National Board of Education to June 30. Before, it was March 30. However, the NBE decided to extend the deadline after hearing from the medical community.


According to the information in the official notification, applicants for the NEET FET 2022 program who did not submit their pictures, signatures, or thumbprints in accordance with the specified image upload instructions must correct the images in their application. However, NBEMS has published a list of applicants who must re-upload the photos from the application form.


According to the most recent changes, the applicants' uploaded photos can receive their final edits between February 1 and February 2, 2023. Before submitting the final photographs in their NEET FET 2022 application form, however, students are urged to read the information bulletin posted on the website.

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