Skyrocket Your Chances to RANK HIGHER in the Exam

Skyrocket Your Chances to RANK HIGHER in the Exam

Top 9 Online BA Colleges in India

You want to enroll in an Online BA program in India, but you're not sure what the benefits are. Consider the question, "Will I be able to get a job with my online degree?" or am I qualified to apply for additional study? The goal of this essay is to answer many relevant questions about the online BA course.


Most individuals who desire to further their education pick an online BA degree. With the development of the online education system, many students have chosen to pursue an online BA degree in India.


In addition, the following content will teach you about job opportunities, benefits, the best BA colleges, and much more.



All About Online BA Courses in India

BA Full Form is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Arts, an undergraduate degree that teaches students critical thinking abilities as well as understanding of many cultures and societies. The BA program is three years long. The program provides specializations in areas such as psychology, English, fine arts, mathematics, and others.

BA Admission requires students to have a minimum of a 50% aggregate in Higher Secondary (10+2). The candidate must pass entrance tests such as IPU CET, BHU UET, JSAT, and others. BA curricula vary depending on the student's specialization; some frequent subjects include English communication, life skills, research, and so on.

After graduation, a candidate can work in a variety of disciplines, including education, media, human resources, market research, public relations, and marketing, among others. The average BA graduate salary ranges between INR 2 and 7 LPA.

Indian online Education BA Eligibility Requirements


All students must have completed their 12th-grade coursework. Additionally, they had to finish their education requirements for a board to receive state or federal recognition. 

The online BA program is typically open to students who have passed their 12th grade with a minimum percentile of 50%. Additionally, students who fall under the reserved category (SC/ST) may receive a 5% mark reduction in some colleges.

There may also be certain further requirements, which change from college to college. Therefore, it would be wise to review the admission requirements of a certain college before submitting an application.

Top 9 Online BA Colleges in India

As we shall explore in this blog, a lot of the best universities in the nation provide Online learning for the BA program as part of their curriculum. The multidisciplinary aspect of the online BA makes it a very well-liked course across the country. In this blog, we'll list the top 9 online B.A. colleges in India. You can look at the information about these colleges as well as the requirements for the B.A. course.

After graduating from any stream, you can enroll in an online learning BA program and choose any subject or area of focus. Students frequently make mistakes when selecting the best online-learning institutions in India.

A list of online BA colleges in India is written below:


  • Chandigarh Online University - The main campus of this institution is situated in Punjab. Chandigarh University has received an A+ rating from NAAC and has also received UGC-DEB approval. Students will undoubtedly benefit from the option of selecting an online learning program from CU because they may take advantage of all the benefits in terms of cost and time.
  • Amity University- Amity University offers a wide variety of courses that can be done online or through online learning in addition to traditional classroom training. Due to its high-quality educational offerings, Amity Institution is the best university in Asia. The online and remote learning BA program at Amity University is also well-known.
  • Jain University- One of the best universities in India, Jain University is renowned all throughout the nation for offering the best education. In 2009, Jain Institution was established, and the government later classified it as a deemed university.
  • IGNOU Online  - The Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the most well-known and established open institutions in India. IGNOU was India's first national open university and was established in 1985.The list of courses that IGNOU offers at the UG and PG levels includes hundreds of options for you to pick from. After being admitted to the IGNOU, students receive all the benefits in terms of flexibility in course length.
  • Suresh Gyan Vihar Online University - One of India's top private colleges, Suresh Gyan Vihar University provides a variety of UG and PG management programs as well as BA online education courses. The distance-learning BBA program at SGV University has been approved by UGC-DEB and has received NAAC certification with an "A" rating. 
  • Sikkim Manipal Online University - Sikkim Manipal University's BBA program is a fantastic option for those who desire a management degree from one of the finest universities in the nation. online learning at Sikkim Manipal University is quite well-liked as an online learning institution, and the cost of the courses is relatively reasonable in comparison to other regular programs.
  • University of Madras - Currently, the Institute of Distant Education provides 97-degree programs. The Institute of Online Education UNON IDE of Madras University is well-known for its many UG and PG degrees offered via online learning as well as its instructional strategies in South India.
  • Shri Venkateshwara University- Leading private university in the area of online and online learning is Shri Venkateshwara University. In order to give students access to education that was both convenient and inexpensive, the university was established in 1954.
  • School of Online Learning, Delhi University - The School of Open Learning was founded in 1962 as an educational institution that is a part of the University of Delhi. One of the most recognizable names in the sector of remote education in India is SOL. As a part of the University of Delhi, it is one of the biggest educational institutions in India. 

Is a BA Earned Online Recognized in India?

Of course, the value of a BA earned online is equal to that of a traditional degree. Colleges may now offer BA degrees online thanks to UGC clearance. So, if you earn an online BA degree from a UGC-approved institution, you are eligible to apply for positions in both the public and private sectors. The same applies to your future studies as well.

In addition, 35 UGC-approved universities in India provide comprehensive online BA degree programs. You can therefore search for and select any appropriate institution to pursue an online BA degree in India.


What Job Will you obtain after earning your BA?

Some of the career profiles you can pursue after earning an online BA degree are listed below:

  • A writer, journalist, 
  • librarian
  • Archaeologist
  • A copywriter, 
  • A teacher, 
  • an executive assistant, 
  • A language expert, etc.


What kind of courses is available following a BA?

After earning your online BA course, you will have a wide range of possibilities for continuing your education. Following a BA, some alternatives for continuing one's career include:

  • To start with, you can enroll in an MA degree program to learn more in-depth and advanced information about any particular field of art.
  • You can take part in a variety of government tests, including those for the railway, bank, defense, civil services, teaching, etc. if you want to practice for positions in the government.
  • You have a choice of master's programs, including the MBA, MJMC, B.Ed, MFA, LLB, and others.
  • Finally, you can complete a variety of diploma or certification programs in fields including creative writing, graphic design, foreign languages, and more.


Why you should pick the online option to finish my BA?

It stands to reason that earning your BA online as opposed to regularly will have several advantages for you. As a result, the following are some reasons why you should select an online BA degree:

  • First off, online programs are less expensive than conventional ones.
  • You can concentrate on other aspects of your life while taking BA courses online without compromising the standard of your education.
  • Students, working professionals, housewives, etc. who cannot regularly attend college are best suited for this course.
  • Beyond your college tuition, taking an online BA course saves you money on other expenses.


Let’s wind up 

Exam participation for the majority of government employment requires a graduation degree. The BA's curriculum is also advantageous for students who want to work as teachers or in the government. Students can therefore complete their online BA degree and get ready for a variety of government tests. Additionally, you are not required to devote all of your attention and time to your graduation if you pursue an online BA degree. It would therefore be beneficial for you when you study for competitive tests. So you can apply to enrol in an online BA course in India at any eligible university, depending on your preferences.


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