Skyrocket Your Chances to RANK HIGHER in the Exam

Skyrocket Your Chances to RANK HIGHER in the Exam

The Best MBA Programs for Working Professionals, Colleges, Eligibility and Advantages

The top reasons for pursuing an MBA are to increase job opportunities and earn a higher salary. Aside from these advantages, an MBA can help you advance your career, learn how to lead, acquire professional credentials, and gain business knowledge and skills. Let's examine the benefits of an executive MBA (EMBA), also known as an MBA for working professionals, in more detail.


Those interested in management or those in the field already can find that their career trajectory is improved by completing an MBA program. Nonetheless, there are four main MBA programs that are most appropriate for working professionals at different phases of their careers.  These courses are appropriate for professionals with different needs because they each offer a unique combination of features and benefits. For your further reference, these MBA courses have been covered in detail below.



Types of MBA for Working Professionals

Depending on personal preferences, there are four primary categories of MBA available to working professionals:


Executive MBA for Working Professionals

Executive MBA for working professionals is a 1 year to 1.5 years long professional PG course that is designed to cater to the needs of managerial executives currently serving middle-level managerial positions. Executive MBAs require the candidates to have working experience in a relevant field for at least 2 years to 5 years. This course is tailored specifically to meet the needs of the executive professionals and enable further industry-requisite skill enhancement.


Working professionals with a minimum of three to four years of experience are eligible for an Executive MBA (EMBA). Most professionals who pursue an EMBA do so in order to advance their careers. In order to improve career opportunities, the program focuses on teaching business and leadership skills.


A major advantage of this course is its availability in both online and offline learning modes, which allows the professionals to select colleges and B-schools beyond a certain geographical location. Moreover, the flexibility of attendance criteria, availability of a number of industry-demanded specialisations, prosperous placement opportunities etc. are a few of the appealing features of an EMBA for professionals.



Course Name
MBA Executive
Duration 1 to 1.5 Year
Eligibility At least 50% of the total grade point or percentage toward a bachelor's degree in any stream from an accredited university 
Entrance Exams CAT,GMAT,GRE
Estimated Fees Between 1.20 Lakh to 13 Lakh INR
Required Experience Minimum 2 to 5 years of experience in respective field
Mode Online/Distance/Regular 


Part-Time MBA for Working Professionals

Part-time or evening MBA programs are a better choice in this situation. Most part-time MBA programs take place on weekends or in the late evenings to accommodate working professionals who need to balance their work and the course. Part-time courses typically last three to five years due to their brief duration.


A part-time MBA, also known as an evening MBA, is a PG degree course that can be completed in open distance learning mode (ODL) for professionals who cannot afford full-time attention to the coursework. It features brief, concise classes scheduled in the evenings or on weekends and holidays, and flexible examination schedules. The program can extend beyond the conventional 2-year period. A valid management entrance examination score and 2-4 years of professional experience are required. Part-time MBAs are best suited for working professionals with a budget, as the full course fee ranges within INR 5 Lakhs.



Course Name
Part-Time MBA
Duration 2 to 5 Year
Eligibility At least 50% of the total grade point or percentage toward a bachelor's degree in any stream from an accredited university 
Entrance Exams CAT,GMAT,XAT,CMAT
Estimated Fees Between 1 Lakh to 7 Lakh INR
Required Experience Minimum 2 to 4 years of experience in respective field
Mode Online/Distance/Regular 


One-Year MBA for Working Professionals


A 1-year MBA program is an accelerated course similar to a 2-year MBA but with a shorter curriculum. It is best suited for working professionals who want a full-time regular PG degree with a short break from work. The course, lasting 11 to 12 months, provides expertise in key areas of management, allowing professionals to switch careers or pursue higher managerial roles. A 1-year MBA program is a highly sought-after option for professional education in management.


A 1 year executive MBA for working professionals in India can be thought of as an accelerated MBA for working professionals who wish to pick up new skills and advance their careers rapidly, even though it is comparable to an EMBA. This full-time course typically lasts 11 to 12 months.



Course Name
1 Year MBA
Duration 1 Year
Eligibility At least 50% of the total grade point or percentage toward a bachelor's degree in any stream from an accredited university 
Estimated Fees Between 3 Lakh to 25 Lakh INR
Required Experience Minimum 2 to 4 years of experience in respective field
Mode Regular 



Online MBA for Working Professionals

In recent years, online MBA programs have risen to prominence, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. The majority of the MBA courses listed above are offered online. Online platforms are utilised to deliver virtual instruction for MBA programs. These offer both live and recorded classes for flexible and self-paced learning. For working professionals, an online MBA makes it simpler to get access to high-quality education all over the world.


An online executive MBA program is a 2-year full-time degree taught entirely online, equivalent to a regular MBA course. It is suitable for working professionals seeking management expertise and specific specialisations. The course offers an immersive, comprehensive learning experience through classroom simulations and online learning flexibility. It is suitable for those seeking an affordable MBA from a reputed college or institute. Online MBA programs in India offer various student services, such as LMS, placement facilities, live interaction with peers and faculty, and EMI facilities for fee payment.



Course Name
Online MBA
Duration 2 Year
Eligibility At least 50% of the total grade point or percentage toward a bachelor's degree in any stream from an accredited university
Entrance Exams NA
Estimated Fees Online MBA fees is Between 3 Lakh to 25 Lakh INR
Required Experience Not Required but at least 2 years of experience in preferable
Mode Online 


Getting an MBA While Working: Is It a Good Idea?

Professionals who pursue an MBA while working gain important managerial, leadership, and business skills. It lessens the possibility of a career break by enabling professionals to upskill while concentrating on their careers. A growing number of working professionals are going back to school for an MBA in order to advance in their careers, secure higher-paying jobs, or become more adept managers.


In fact, 50% of MBA applicants with six years or more of post-qualification experience applied to part-time MBA programs, also known as the MBA for working professionals, according to a GMAC survey. It provides affordable, high-quality access to advanced training and skills. Indeed, approximately 92% of recruiters stated they plan to hire MBA graduates, according to a different GMAC survey. As a result, earning an MBA while working is worthwhile. However, one's career goals also play a role in this decision. If you want to change careers or take a break from your current field, a regular MBA might be a better option.



Benefits of an MBA Program for Working Professionals

A skill-oriented approach is used in an MBA for working professionals program to train participants and assist them in reaching their career objectives. The top advantages of an MBA program for working professionals are as follows:


Professional Growth

Through the teaching of business and technical skills in specialised areas like finance, operations, supply chain, human resources, and more, an MBA provides thorough knowledge and skill training. It fosters career advancement and assists professionals in gaining in-depth knowledge across a range of fields.


Development of Skill

One of the best ways for working professionals to develop their leadership abilities, business acumen, and understanding of the industry is through an MBA. Indeed, employers are constantly searching for professionals with a wide range of business skills. So, getting an MBA makes it easier to find better employment.

A Higher Potential for Earnings


One of the biggest benefits of an MBA for working professionals is a pay raise. According to another GMAC survey, professionals with an MBA typically make 77% more money than those with a bachelor's degree. Thus, an MBA aids in the general career advancement of a professional.


Choices for Speciality

Various industries, including finance, marketing and sales, strategy and operations, human resources, supply chain management, etc., are covered in many MBA programs. As a result, an MBA offers students a competitive advantage over other professionals in the field and aids in their acquisition of expert knowledge in their specialised fields.


Credibility and Reputation

In most cases, employers favour candidates with an MBA background for technical or senior positions. Renowned universities' well-liked MBA programs for working professionals increase resume value and credibility.


Prospects for Networking

Building a professional network of varied professional groups from various industries is another important benefit of an MBA for working professionals. It assists students in looking for business partners, job referrals, and mentorship.


Entrepreneurship and innovation

For working professionals who wish to learn about entrepreneurship or launch their own business, an MBA is highly advantageous. It imparts knowledge on operations, market analysis, financial management, strategy and planning, and other core business concepts. Additionally, an MBA for  working professionals teaches how to spot market gaps and create creative solutions. Consequently, it is reasonable to say that earning an MBA helps working professionals advance both personally and professionally.


Key Highlights Of Each MBA Courses For Working Professionals:-



1-Year MBA Executive MBA Online MBA Part-Time MBA
Duration 11-12 Months (Variable) 15-18 Months (Variable) 24 Months 24-60 Months (Variable)
Minimum Required Work Experience 2-4 Years (Minimum) 2-5 Years (Minimum) Not Mandatory but Preferable (2 Years 3 Years) 2-4 Years
Specialisations Available Limited Available Limited Available Numerous Available Numerous
Entrances Compulsory (GMAT. GRE CAT. XAT.IBSAT etc.) Compulsory (GMAT. GRE CAT etc.) Not Mandatory Not Mandatory
Attendance Compulsory and Regular Flexible & Regular Flexible & Regular Flexible
Mode of Delivery Full-Time Regular Offline & Online Mode Fully Online Mode Offline Open Distance Learning (ODL) Mode
Course Fee INR 5.00.000-INR 30,00,000 INR 1.50.000-INR 15,00,000 INR 100,000-INR 5,00,000 INR 1.00.000-INR 5.00.000
Career Scope Prosperous for Career Switches or Salary Hikes Prosperous for Career Escalation Salary Growth Leadership Positions Prosperous to Seek Entry-Mid Level Managerial Job Roles Prosperous to Seek Entry-Mid Level Managerial Job Roles
Lectures & Examinations Regular Concise Classroom Lectures & Offline Examinations Regular Concise Classroom Lectures Exam Mode Dependent on Mode of Course Online Live Lectures and Recorded Lectures: Online Proctored Examinations Classes on Weekends or Evening Examinations on Holidays or Weekends 



Best MBA Colleges in India for Working Professionals

Many prestigious colleges, universities, and business schools offer working professionals and students MBA degree programs. The following is a list of some of the best universities and best online MBA colleges in India that provide MBA programs for working professionals.



Top Institutes
1-Year MBA IIM Ahmedabad
  IMI Delhi
  ISB Hyderabad
  MDI Gurgaon
  XLRI Jamshedpur
  SPJIMR Mumbai
  Great Lakes Chennai
  O. P. Jindal Business Education
Executive MBA IIM Rohtak
  IIM Raipur
  IMT Ghaziabad
  SPJIMR Mumbai
  Amity University
  FMS Delhi
  NMIMS Mumbai
  Amity Online
Online MBA Manipal Online
  LPU Online
  Amrita University Online
  Jain University Online
  Chandigarh University Online
  Chitkara University Online
  Chandigarh University
Part-Time MBA Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)
  MIT School of Distance Education
  IMT Centre for Distance Learning (IMT CDL)
  IIFT Delhi
  KJ Somaiya Institute Mumbai
  Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research




Selecting the top MBA program is a difficult undertaking. Many things need to be taken into account, including the price, the instructors, the course schedule, and the final product. With so many different institutions and specialisations available, choosing can be very difficult. 

In order to advance their knowledge and skills while continuing to work on their careers, many professionals are thinking about enrolling in online MBA programs. Emeritus offers top-notch executive programs and leadership courses in collaboration with prestigious academic institutions. Leaders in the field who have firsthand knowledge of the business, professional obstacles, and solutions are imparted in its courses. It also provides a fantastic chance to network with professionals who share similar interests and learn more.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Which MBA Program is Best for Working Professionals?

Your career and personal objectives will determine which MBA program is best for you. The ideal option for people who don't want to quit their jobs is an online MBA. An executive MBA, on the other hand, is more appropriate for professionals wishing to change careers because it provides both business and technical skills.


What Is the Average Cost of an MBA for Working Professionals?

Working professionals can expect to pay between ₹25,00,000 and ₹30,000,000 for a full-time MBA program. However, the cost of part-time MBA courses ranges from ₹8,00,000 to ₹10,000,000. Compared to other MBA courses, an online MBA is more affordable for working professionals. Their fee is approximately ₹4,00,000.


Can You Get an MBA while Working Full-Time?

Yes, it is possible to complete an MBA program while working full-time. A lot of schools provide online and part-time MBA programs to help professionals advance their careers while they work. These courses provide flexibility by holding weekend or online sessions.


What are the Best MBA Programs in India for Working Professionals?

In India, there are numerous MBA programs available to working professionals. Look for a course that meets your needs and advances your academic objectives. Additionally, the curriculum ought to be designed to help you develop and broaden your skill set. You may be able to work for some of the world's top corporations after completing executive education, including Deloitte, KPMG, Grant Thornton, Wipro, Hyundai, and others. So without further ado, sign up for an executive MBA program right now!

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