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How to tackle Ragging, Measures Students should remember!!


Freshmen may be concerned about any unfavorable incidence happening to them in light of the recent ragging episodes in Vellore and Hyderabad when students were witnessed being assaulted by their peers or seniors. If you encounter any racial concerns in their colleges or institutions, you might take the following action: here is how you can tackle ragging at institutions. 

Students in need can call the National Anti-Ragging Helpline, a toll-free hotline, 24 hours a day. The number for the students is 1800-180-5522.

The Anti-Ragging Helpline can be reached by email at helpline


What exactly is Ragging 

  • Any behavior on the part of a student or group of students that has the intention of making someone feel uncomfortable, disrespected, or teased. 
  • Other students may become fearful or uneasy when a student or group of students engages in unruly or disruptive behavior that causes annoyance, difficulty, physical harm, or psychological harm.
  • Asking any pupil to perform an act that will cause them to feel guilty, tormented, or embarrassed will have a negative impact on their physical or mental health. 
  • Any behavior by a senior that would hinder, interfere with, or otherwise interrupt a student's routine academic activity
  • Utilizing a student's services to complete prescribed academic assignments
  • Any act of financial extortion or coercive spending burden committed by students against other students
  • Any physical abuse, including sexual abuse, gay assaults, stripping, coercing indecent behavior, causing bodily harm, endangering one's health, or endangering another person.
  • Any behavior that intentionally or unintentionally causes harm to a student, whether by spoken words, emails, tweets, or other public insults or if the perpetrator derives perverse pleasure or a sadistic high from doing so, whether actively or passively
  • any behavior that harms a student's emotional well-being or sense of self-worth.


What are the consequences the guilty student will phase? 

A head of an institution has a number of options for combating ragging situations. They should first assess if the situation is covered by criminal legislation or not. If it occurs, the head should file an FIR with the police or local authorities within 24 hours of receiving the receipt, either directly or through a member of the Anti-Ragging Committee. A case may be brought under one of 15 penal clauses.

If a student is determined to have engaged in ragging, the institution will discipline them in accordance with the circumstances, seriousness, and character of each episode. The penalty might be anything from a suspension from attending courses to being kicked out of the school and subsequently barred from enrolling in any other institution.


Consequences the Institution or University Will Phase: Any instances of ragging will have a negative impact on the institution's NAAC or other authorized accreditation agency accreditation, rating, or grade.


UGC Anti-Ragging Action

When the UGC receives a distress call, they are obligated to carry out specific duties, such as immediately contacting the head of any institution, the warden of any hostels, the nodal offices of the associated university, and the concerned district authorities if necessary. Affidavits must be created by the Commission using an appropriate database, be signed by the pupils and their parents, and be stored electronically. Additionally, the information must be made available to a non-governmental organization that will be named by the Center in order to increase public confidence.

The UGC has instructed all universities to include a required column on the admission form for the Anti-Ragging Undertaking Reference number. Additionally, they must complete the online compliance form on

The institutions are required by the UGC to require every parent and student to submit an undertaking at The institutions must apply the updated process for students to submit online anti-ragging affidavits. The student will receive an email containing the registration number, which they will then forward to the nodal office at their university.



To wrap up, ragging is the biggest reason why the upcoming generation is facing mental issues and going into depression. And bullying in any form is illegal. Though various universities and institutions are taking. But This article makes the students aware about what are the actions and measures to be taken when experiencing one. 

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