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Sharda University Online BA Hons. Review- Good or Bad?

Sharda University Online BA Hons. Review- Good or Bad?

The Sharda University Online BA (Hons.) degree is a four-year undergraduate program that focuses on a certain subject of study in humanities, social sciences, or arts. It provides extensive academic knowledge, practical skills, and critical thinking abilities specific to the selected discipline. This degree promotes a greater awareness of societal dynamics, historical contexts, creative expression, and political discourses, preparing graduates to tackle difficult situations with insight and ingenuity.

Benefits of the Sharda University Online Education

  • 120 study hours in each course

  • Interactive Audio-Video Lecture

  • Pre-recorded video Lecture

  • Discussion Forum

  • Self e-learning materials

  • MCQ, Assignments, Quizzes, etc. for reinforcement

Highlights of the Sharda University Online BA Honors Program

Key Particulars


Course Name

Bachelor’s of Arts (Hons.)

Course Level


Mode of Learning

Online Platform

Eligibility Criteria

Pass in the (10+2) examination from State Board / CBSE / NIOS / IGCSE / IB /ICSE

recognized by the State or Central Government.

Course Fees

INR 105000 is the total of Sharda University Online BA (Hons.) Program Fees.

Average Salary Packages




Sharda University Online BA (Hons.) in Political Science Program Overview

This three-year Sharda Online BA (Hons.) degree in Political Science will provide you with a critical awareness of power, politics, and global affairs, allowing you to design a more informed future. It provides students with a thorough understanding of political theory, comparative politics, international relations, and political economics. Graduates with a BA (Hons.) in Political Science might specialize in political campaigns, policy analysis, and research. The Online BA (Hons.) in Political Science degree equips students with a comprehensive set of skills, allowing them to advance their careers in a variety of public and commercial sectors.


Key Features:

  • Investigate numerous political systems around the world, examining their architecture, functions, and dynamics.

  • Investigate global concerns, diplomatic connections, and geopolitical strategies that influence the international environment.

  • Examine the development, implementation, and assessment of policies that address societal difficulties and governance issues.

  • Explore the philosophical basis of politics by examining famous thinkers and their perspectives on democracy, justice, and power.


Eligibility Criteria for Sharda University Online BA (Hons.) in Political Science

Pass a three-year undergraduate (Bachelor) program in any track from a UGC-recognized university with a minimum aggregate of 50% or an equivalent letter/numerical grade. SC/ST applicants will be granted a 5% relaxation. Candidates who are in the last semester of their Bachelor's program are also eligible to apply.

Sharda University Online BA (Hons.) Fees Structure


Total Fees

Annual Fee Plan

INR 35000

Total Fee Plan

INR 105000

University Registration Fee

INR 3000

Examination Fee per year

INR 4000

Registration Fee for SAARC countries

INR 4200

Exam Fee Per Year for SAARC countries

INR 4500


Sharda University Online BA (Hons.) in Political Science Curriculum

Semester 1

Semester 2

Freedom Struggle and Constitution of India

Political Theory

Dynamics of Gandhian Thought

Phases of Colonialism in India

Legislative Politics in India

Understanding Democracy in India

Communicative English - I

Communicative English - II

Awareness of Rights and Law

Understanding India

Environmental Management

E-Governance in India

Public Opinion and Survey Research

Semester 3

Semester 4

Democratic Process and Institutions in India

Western Political Thought and Thinkers

Global Environment Issues: Problems and Concepts

Research Methods and Methodology in Social Sciences

Electoral Politics in India

Dynamics of Ambedkar's Philosophy

Nationalism in India: Issues and Approaches

Governance: An Introduction

Logical Skills Building and Soft Skills

Campus to Corporate

Data and Urban Governance

Policy Based Learning - II

Policy-Based Learning - I

Semester 5

Semester 6

Public Administration

Philosophical Foundations of Indian Political Thought

Comparative Political Process

International Relations: Theories and Practices

Climate Change, Environment and Public Policy

Political Process and Institutions in Comparative Perspectives

Contextualizing Globalization: Concept, Issues and Challenges

Indian Foreign Policy: Prospects and Challenges

Policy Based Learning - III

Policy Based Learning - IV

Industry Connect Training

Community Connect



Why Choose the Sharda University Online Education?

BA students who complete Sharda University Online programs earn the same degree and academic credit as those who complete on-campus programs. Institutions with a solid reputation that offers these programs maintain high educational standards and are frequently recognized, ensuring the quality and integrity of the education they provide. 

Online BA programs are good for a wide range of people, such as:

  • Working Professionals: Online learning is convenient for professionals who wish to advance in their careers, change fields, or gain new skills while still working.

  • Parents and Caregivers: People who care for others, such as parents and caregivers, can study while caring for others, thanks to the convenience of online learning.

  • Geographically Restricted Students: Online bachelor's degrees can assist those who reside in remote areas to get into prestigious colleges and join a global learning community.

  • International Students: Those who desire to study abroad can obtain a degree that is recognized around the world without having to relocate. 


Sharda University Online BA (Hons.) Career Prospects

Sharda University Online BA programs provide graduates with job opportunities in a variety of professions. Employers are more aware of the benefits of online degrees, particularly those focused on skills and competencies. Online BA programs from reputable schools are recognised. Employers search for qualities such as adaptability, technological proficiency, and self-motivation. Graduates can work in the following roles:


Content Writer/Editor

Digital Marketer

Customer Service Representative

Data Analyst

Sales Representative

HR Assistant


Public Relations Specialist

Administrative Assistant

Top Recruiters

Many employers seek to hire persons with the Sharda University Online Education. Multinational corporations such as Google, IBM, and Amazon are well-known recruiters who seek candidates with a diverse set of talents and the flexibility to adapt. Creative businesses such as media houses, marketing enterprises, and publishing corporations value well-rounded communication.

Sharda University Online BA (Hons.) Reviews

The value of a Sharda online BA program is relative and is determined by how well it aligns with your educational objectives and personal preferences. It's ideal for folks who prefer to learn in unconventional ways and want to schedule their sessions around other obligations. The school provides you with practical skills, global contacts, and a high-quality education. It is critical to assess the program's dependability, potential career paths, and your preferred learning style. Finally, an Online BA can be an excellent approach to expanding your knowledge, building skills, and getting the benefits of Sharda University Online education while remaining current with the necessities of the modern world.

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